EPEA - Cradle to Cradle
By Matthias Freier

We have started our sustainability path more than 12 years ago by providing films for EPEA,  the cradle to cradle institute, helping companies in their transformation to a circular economy. The idea: sparing valuable resources, using renewable energy and keeping water and soil clean, and elevating social values.

We see our part in bringing together creative minds and scientific knowledge to tell this vision of the future in exciting stories that people crave for - factual, nuanced, visually and emotionally grasping.

We have built on three pillars,
creativity, green production and science:


Our creatives are true artists with a strong sense of emotional storytelling.

Green production

We're not just minimizing our carbon footprint; we're reinventing the production process by utilizing existing client resources wherever possible and deliver CO2 reports for every film we make.