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Every good story in movies is about change. Heroes enter unknown worlds, undergo exciting adventures, only to return as transformed human beings.

We at REJELL understand that feature and documentary films will continue to play an important role in bringing about change in the minds and hearts of people.

Developed for cinema and Amazon Prime, this documentary tells the story of the stepmother of our director, Matthias Freier. She was one of the first female officers in the Hamburg police department and the main protagonist in charge of apprehending one of the most gruesome killers in Germany.

Her compassion led her to continuously challenge the patriarchic police department that often stood in its own way and where old thinking had kept everyone blind. It’s a story where there is a lot to learn about what it means to fight for your beliefs and bring about change.


Director: Matthias Freier
DP: Kay Madsen
Edit: Marielle Pohlmann
Producer: Svenja Albers
AD: Naemi Eckert
Art Direction: Anja Pietruschka
Co-Production: Neue Bioskop
Verleih: Weltkino
Streamer: Amazon Prime