We are on the frontier of Web 3. The additional dimension it will add to the digital world will have an ever-expanding influence on the real world. The traceability, accountability, and functionality that the blockchain provides only amplifies the value of art, products, and services. We are reaching into the future by opening the next chapter of the internet. Join us for the ride as we help you conceptualize, integrate, and bring your creativity and impact-driven concepts to fruition.

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Shaping a positive Future

The proceeds benefit the organisation directly, verifiable thanks to the blockchain. The NFTs exist on the greenest blockchain around, Solana.

Own unique art

Buying and owning an NFT gives you a unique piece of art in return for supporting an organisation or cause.



genesis collection created by torben reimer

#1 REJELL - Origin

This digital art collection centers around the first moment of life on land, relating to the impact living creatures and ultimately mankind had on the planet. It has been a tremendously work intensive process to make hundreds of analog images with an old camera in self timer mode mounted to a speed drone. When the prints came from the lab we were stunned!

What are NFTs?

NFTs are all the rage now, as we’re sure you’ve noticed. Yet, we are looking beyond the hype of expensive jpegs. Instead we want to create digital art that inspires and thereby support good causes, shaping a positive future. All the nitty gritty stuff is in our FAQ.

Upcoming projects and other cool stuff

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