REJELL x climate change

The Process

We cranked the camera with a limited number of stills, armed the racing drone, and sent it into the peril of windy, rocky, tree covered landscapes and coastlines, steered via the radiowaves expanding out of the remote. The timer was manually set when the shutter was released, allowing a mere 11 seconds to position a desirable image. Between each click, a risky landing was performed to avoid crashing the aircraft, we've had hundreds of trials and errors. Each fresh takeoff was fraught with anxiety and doubt about whether the old camera would release the shutter and whether the drone was going at the appropriate speed based on the aperture and shutter speeds, to produce a worthwhile shot. We collided with trees and almost fell into the sea. The old cameras got sticky and unpredictable. There was no way to check images and recalibrate camera settings accordingly. We simply kept the faith that enough magic would be captured in our imagery to be worthy of this new realm that now exists beyond time in the form of NFTs.

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The images of our collection come as an edition of 100 each. Holders will support the Climate Change Fund and also receive a link to a high-resolution, printable file of their purchased artwork.

The Story

The seas raged with rivalry. Life was no longer guaranteed to all. Oxygen was becoming scarce. Algae had choked the coastal waters. Everyone was gasping to escape from this sinking ship. Adjacent a new world was blooming and the land could provide for rescue. New plants were releasing oxygen and bugs were swarming around. The nimblest fish scrambled up the sandy beach with their awkward fins. They took a brief moment to rest, half in, half out of the water, for a refreshing dip in the new air. Look at all these scrumptious bugs, creeping across the ground and shooting through the sky. I really wish I might also fly but, we must learn to walk. Yeah, that's just all talk. It may take a few years, or perhaps a couple million, but we'll get there. First, we need to swap these gills for lungs. For the time being, may we lay our eggs safely on shore, away from the madness beneath the waves in this new world on this new stable soil. This land holds hope. This is our origin.

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Holders receive a link to a high-resolution, printable file of their purchased artwork,
and will support the Climate Change Fund.

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The Contribution

The artist


Torben Reimer has been a creator with his plastic recycling installations for a long time, generating more than 135 thousand followers on TikTok. He is now breaking new ground in the world of NFTs. He is a creator in the truest sense of the word. He loves photography, filmmaking and creating with his hands - and sometimes with many mouse clicks. His dedication and passion for sustainable topics drive him to initiate thoughts in the minds of his audience and change their perspectives on everyday life.


The Climate Change Fund

During our research to find the most effective NGO working on mitigating climate change, we came across the Climate Change Fund by Founders Pledge. Its mission: fighting climate change by supporting organisations driving technology innovation and smart policy making. Any questions? Get in touch with us via Twitter or Email.

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What are NFTs?

NFTs are all the rage now, as we’re sure you’ve noticed. Yet, we are looking beyond the hype of expensive jpegs. Instead we want to create digital art that inspires and thereby support good causes, shaping a positive future. All the nitty gritty stuff is in our FAQ.

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