For over ten years we have been working closely together with the scientific institution EPEA. They consult companies on their path towards a circular economy which is called Cradle to Cradle - where every product could be made either 100% recyclable or biodegradable.

When companies decide on making their product recyclable they often turn to EPEA, the institute with the highest rate of certifications in their field.

They have worked with Frosch, Aveda, Lidle, Schleich, Puma, and many more. But often the smaller companies are the most committed ones. Big brands are like tank ships, difficult to maneuver, and that’s where storytelling is needed the most to get everyone on track.

EPEA is all about innovation. Their standard procedure is making an analysis of the product materials and show ways how to change the line of production, switch to new materials or even change their clients product portfolio.

We love our collaboration with them, they are young and motivated, and they strive to really make a difference.

On our long path communicating sustainability for companies, we have not found any more reasonable and smart way than Cradle to Cradle. This is the future, guys!